French Education: Fifty Years Later

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Juli 2008



This volume is organised into four parts: 'Chronology', 'Historical Perspectives', 'Education Outside of School, Outside of France' and 'The Persistent Controversy'.


Editors' Preface; I.Chronology; II. Historical Perspectives; Violaine Houdart-Merot: Literary Education in the Lycee: Crises, Continuity, and Upheaval since 1880; Martine Jey: The Literature of the Enlightenment: An Impossible Legacy for the Republican School; Anne-Marie Chartier: When French Schoolchildren were Introduced to Literature (1920-1940); Gilbert Chaitin: Education and Political Identity: The Universalist Controversy; III. Education Outside of the School, Outside of France; Ralph Albanese: Corneille as a Cultural Icon in France from the Third Republic to Today; Sabine Loucif: French in American Universities: Toward the Reshaping of Frenchness; Brigitte Weltman-Aron: The Pedagogy of Colonial Algeria: Djebar, Cixous, Derrida; IV. The Persistent Controversy; Pierre Albertini: Why Kevin's Teacher Can't Teach; Jean-Louis Chiss: The Crisis in the Teaching of French and the Status of the Reference to Linguistics; Dan Savatovsky: The Founding and Refounding of French as a Discipline; Tzvetan Todoroy: Reading and Living.
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