First Language Attrition

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Juni 1991



'First Language Attrition' examines linguistic aspects of the attrition or loss of first language abilities in bilinguals through a collection of studies in various language groups.


Part I. Survey Studies: 1. The study of first language attrition: an overview Herbert W. Seliger and Robert M. Vago; 2. First language attrition and the parameter-setting model Michael Sharwood Smith and Paul Van Buren; 3. Recapitulation, regression and language loss Kees de Bot and Bert Weltens; 4. First language loss in bilingual and polyglot aphasics Loraine K. Obler and Nancy Mahecha; 5. A cross-linguistic study of language contact and language attrition Julianne Maher; Part II. Group Studies: 6. L1 loss in an L2-environment: Dutch immigrants in France Kees de Bot, Paul Gommans and Carola Rossing; 7. The sociolinguistic and patholinguistic attrition of Breton phonology, morphology, and morphonology Wolfgang U. Dressler; 8. Language attrition in Boumaa Fijian and Dyirbal Annette Schmit; 9. Pennsylvania German: convergence and change as strategies of discourse Marion Lois Huffines; 10. Lexical retrieval difficulties in adult language attrition Elite Olshtain and Margaret Barzilay; 11. Spanish language attrition in a contact situation with English Carmen Silva-Corvalan; Part III. Case Studies: 12. Morphological disintegration and reconstruction in first language attrition Dorit Kaufman and Mark Aronoff; 13. Assessing first language vulnerability to attrition Evelyn Altenberg; 14. Compensatory strategies of child first language attrition Donna Turian and Evelyn Altenberg; 15. Language attrition, reduced redundancy and creativity Herbert W. Seliger; 16. Paradigmatic regularity in first language attrition Robert M. Vago.


"Quite generally, the methodological richness of the studies collected in this volume should be of value to all students of attrition who come after...The scope of the volume Seliger & Vago have put together, and the quality of many of the individual studies, make theirs a welcome addition to the literature." Language
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