Explorations in Economic Growth: Essays in Measurement and Analysis

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März 2005



The quest for economic growth has been one of the great global issues since the Second World War. Indeed, economic growth has also been one of the great themes of the discipline of economic history. The processes and causes of "modern economic growth," using the title of Simon Kuznets' famous book, have puzzled economic historians for at least the last half a century--and they still do, as this collection of essays shows. Over the past 50 years, historical national accounting has become a major tool of economic historians for analyzing the process of economic growth overall. The construction and application of historical national accounts has been one of the most dynamic branches of economic history. This volume contains a series of articles by members of the international network that has, in the past quarter of a century, continued and elaborated upon the research program that emerged as a result of the ground breaking research by Clark. Kuznets, Solow, and Swan. In the 1980s the network became rather well organized--for example, as a result of the stimulating influence of Angus Maddison and his colleagues at Groningen University--which resulted in series of workshops and conferences, as well as sessions at several international economic history congresses (Milan, 1994; Madrid, 1998; Buenos Aires, 2002). The aim of this volume is to evaluate the current state of the field, present new findings and analytical tools, and to reevaluate the research agenda of the network.


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