European Values at the Turn of the Millennium:

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September 2004



This book provides insights in and explanations of the varieties and similarities in values in Europe in a number of life spheres at the turn of the millennium.


1. Wil Arts & Loek Halman, European values at the turn of the millennium: an introduction
2. Wil Arts & Loek Halman, European values change in the second age of modernity PART ONE: CIVIL SOCIETY/CITIZENSHIP
3. Tony Fahey & Emer Smyth, The link between subjective well-being and objective conditions in European societies
4. Helmut Anheier, Sally Stares & Paola Grenier, Social capital and life satisfaction
5. Jerzy Bartkowski & Aleksandra Jasinska Kania, Voluntary organizations and the development of civil society
6. Jorge Vala, Marcus Lima & Diniz Lopes, Social values, prejudice and solidarity in the European Union PART TWO: FAMILY AND WORK
7. James Georgas, Kostas Mylonas, Aikaterini Gari & Penny Panagiotopoulou, Families and values in Europe
8. Leen Vandecasteele & Jaak Billiet, Privatization in the family sphere: Longitudinal and comparative analyses in four European countries
9. Malina Voicu, Work and Family life in Europe: Value patterns and policy making
10. Hans de Witte, Loek Halman & John Gelissen, European work orientations at the end of the twentieth century PART THREE: RELIGION AND MORALITY
11. Loek Halman & Veerle Draulans, Religious beliefs and practices in contemporary Europe
12. Loek Halman & Thorleif Pettersson, Normative orientations towards the differentiation between religion and politics
13. Ola Listhaug & Kristen Ringdal, Civic morality in stable, new and half hearted democracies
14. Larissa Titarenko, Gender attitudes towards religion in six post soviet states


Wil Arts, Ph.D. (1984) Utrecht University, is Professor of General and Theoretical Sociology at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. He has published extensively on cross national differences in social justice, solidarity and values in economic and social life. Loek Halman, Ph.D. (1991) Tilburg University, is Associate Professor of Sociology at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. His publications focus on values and attitudes in contemporary society and the dynamics of value change.
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