European Union History: Themes and Debates

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April 2010



European integration has had, and is continuing to have, an enormous impact on the state of Europe: through transforming the nation-state; creating new supranational institutions and joint policy-making; integrating markets and liberalizing trade; fiscal redistribution; and through fostering the formation of transnational elite networks and growing identification with Europe; but also through accentuating social friction; raising concerns about the remoteness of supranational policy-making and serving as a focal point for 'Eurosceptic' political mobilization. Thus, it is increasingly crucial for researchers, students and citizens to understand the complex history of the present-day European Union. This book provides them with a highly accessible state of the art introduction to how historians and social scientists have conceptualized, written about, and debated this increasingly shared contemporary history of Europe since World War II. A comprehensive and accessible look at how historians and social scientists have thought and written about the present-day European Union, and the main themes of their research and debates


Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Abbreviations Introduction;
W.Kaiser &
A.Varsori From Normative Impetus to Professionalization: Origins and Operation of Research Networks;
A.Varsori From Pioneer Work to Refinement: Publication Trends;
K.Seidel From Isolation to Centrality: Contemporary History meets European Studies;
W.Kaiser Between Political Commitment and Academic Research: Federalist Perspectives;
D.Pasquinucci At the Heart of Integration: Understanding National European Policy;
M.Gehler Governing Europe: Charting the Development of a Supranational Political System;
P.Ludlow The European Rescue of the Nation-State? Tracing the Role of Economics and Business;
M.Rasmussen Formation of a European Society? Exploring Social and Cultural Dimensions;
L.Mechi Partners and Rivals: Assessing the American Role;
M.Gilbert Foreign Policy Beyond the Nation-State: Conceptualizing the External Dimension;
G.Garavini Bibliography Index


Edited By Wolfram Kaiser and Antonio Varsori


'This is an extremely useful volume, which not only presents the historical development of the European Union, but also introduces the reader to some of the key debates among historians on how to understand the history of European integration. It will be of great use to anyone interested in European international affairs.'
  - Odd-Arne Westad, Professor of International History, London School of Economics, UK
'This is a very timely book. It offers a concise survey of European integration historiography and,even more importantly, fascinating insights into new research trends that endeavour to link the history of European integration to broader issues of contemporary European history as well as to the interdisciplinary field of EU studies.' 
  - Kiran Patel, Professor at the European University Institute, Italy
'At long last, a crucial introduction to the ways we think of Europe, make sense of its integration and muse about its ramifications. Sophisticated, wide-ranging and yet accessible. A most useful book that provides a rich but coherent picture - at long last - of the multiple strands of scholarly inquiry on the history of European integration.'
- Federico Romero, Professor of History, University of Florence, Italy
'A valuable work for European integration history.' - Choice
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