Edward Gibbon and Empire

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A new assessment of Gibbon's Decline and Fall in the light of modern research.


Introduction Rosamond McKitterick and Roland Quinault; 1. Gibbon and the later Roman Empire: causes and circumstances John Matthews; 2. Gibbon and Justinian Averil Cameron; 3. Gibbon and the middle period of the Byzantine Empire James Howard-Johnson; 4. Byzantine soldiers, missionaries and diplomacy under Gibbon's eyes Jonathan Shepard; 5. Gibbon and the later Byzantine empires Anthony Bryer; 6. Gibbon and the Merovingians Ian Wood; 7. Gibbon, Hodgkin, and the invaders of Italy T. S. Brown; 8. Gibbon and the early Middle Ages in eighteenth-century Europe Rosamond McKitterick; 9. Gibbon and the 'watchmen of the Holy City': religion and revision in The Decline and Fall David Womersley; 10. Gibbon and international relations Jeremy Black; 11. Gibbon's Roman Empire as a universal monarchy John Robertson; 12. The conception of Gibbon's History Peter Ghosh; 13. Winston Churchill and Gibbon Roland Quinault; Epilogue J. W. Burrow, Rosamond McKitterick and Roland Quinault.


'The essays in this handsome volume ... are uniformly learned and polished ...' Early Medieval Europe
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