The Econometrics of Macroeconomic Modelling

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This book describes how and why the discipline of macroeconometric modelling continues to play a role for economic policymaking by adapting to changing demands, in response, for instance, to new policy regimes like inflation targeting. Model builders have adopted new insights from economic theory and taken advantage of the methodological and conceptual advances within time series econometrics over the last twenty years.


1. Introduction ;
2. Methodological issues of large scale macromodels ;
3. The Norwegian main-course model ;
4. The Phillips curve ;
5. Wage bargaining and price setting ;
6. Wage-price dynamics ;
7. The New Keynesian Phillips Curve ;
8. Money and inflation ;
9. Transmission channels and model properties ;
10. Evaluation of monetary policy rules ;
11. Forecasting using econometric models ;
12. Appendices


Ragnar Nymoen, b. 1957, is Professor at the Department of Economics, University of Oslo. He has published papers in macroeconomics and econometrics. In the period 1985-1996, he worked as an economists in the Research Department in Central Bank of Norway.


"...strongly recommended to anyone interested in applied macroeconomics...definitively deserves to be one of the tools in the toolbox." Jesper Linde, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 2005 The book is definitely worth not only buying but also reading...The book successfully bridges the gapbetween economic theory and relevant econometric applications. Costas Milas, International Journal of Forecasting. This book gives an excellent insight into the process of forming a high-quality, real-world macro-model then evaluating and using it. This is an important topic and makes this an important book. Clive W.J. Granger, Nobel Laureate
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