Ebony Rising: Short Fiction of the Greater Harlem Renaissance Era

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Februar 2004



A treasury of short fiction from the Harlem Renaissance era.


Preface by Craig Gable; Introduction by Darryl Dickson-Carr; Short Stories; Hope Deferred (1914) Alice Dunbar-Nelson; The Closing Door (1919) Angelina Weld Grimke; Mary Elizabeth (1919) Jessie Redmon Fauset; The Comet (1920) W. E. B. Du Bois; The Foolish and the Wise: Sallie Runner Is Introduced to Socrates (1921) Leila Amos Pendleton; The Foolish and the Wise: Sanctum 777 N. S. D. C. O. U. Meets Cleopatra (1922) Leila Amos Pendleton; Becky (1922) Jean Toomer; Esther (1923) Jean Toomer; Vignettes of the Dusk (1924) Eric Walrond; Blue Aloes (1924) Ottie B. Graham; Slackened Caprice (1924) Ottie B. Graham; The City of Refuge (1925) Rudolph Fisher; The Golden Penknife (1925) S. Miller Johnson; Mademoiselle 'Tasie (1925) Eloise Bibb Thompson; Grist in the Mill (1926) Wallace Thurman; Hannah Byde (1926) Dorothy West; Muttsy (1926) Zora Neale Hurston; The Eatonville Anthology (1926) Zora Neale Hurston; Cordelia the Crude (1926) Wallace Thurman; Smoke, Lilies and Jade (1926) Richard Bruce Nugent; Wedding Day (1926) Gwendolyn B. Bennett; City Love (1927) Eric Walrond; Lynching for Profit (1927) George S. Schuyler; Highball (1927) Claude McKay; Game (1927) Eugene Gordon; Masks (1927) Eloise Bibb Thompson; Bathesda of Sinners Run (1928) Maude Irwin Owens; He Must Think It Out (1928) Florida Ruffin Ridley; Anthropoi (1928) John F. Matheus; Prologue to a Life (1929) Dorothy West; Sanctuary (1930) Nella Larsen; Door-Stops (1930) May Miller; Cross Crossings Cautiously (1930) Anita Scott Coleman; Why Adam Ate the Apple (1931) Mercedes Gilbert; The Needle's Point (1931) J. Saunders Redding; Crazy Mary (1932) Claude McKay; His Last Day (1932) Chester Himes; A Summer Tragedy (1933) Arna Bontemps; Barrel Staves (1934) Arna Bontemps; Why, You Reckon (1934) Langston Hughes; Spanish Blood (1934) Langston Hughes; John Archer's Nose (1935) Rudolph Fisher; Mob Madness (1936) Marion Vera Cuthbert; Gesture (1936) Georgia Douglas Johnson; Pope Pius the Only (1937) Richard Bruce Nugent; Silt (1937) Richard Wright; The Return of a Modern Prodigal (1937) Octavia B. Wynbush; Hate Is Nothing (1938) Marita Bonner; The Whipping (1939) Marita Bonner; A Modern Fable (1939) Chester Himes; A Matter of Record (1940) Ted Poston; Girl, Colored (1940) Marian Minus; Sources for Additional Short Stories by the Authors; Award-Winning Short Fiction from Opportunity and Crisis; Selected Resources for the Harlem Renaissance; A Selected Checklist of Common Issues, Topics, and Plot Components; About the Authors; Author Index


Craig Gable is an independent scholar and professional librarian. He is a Harlem Renaissance bibliographer and editor of the Rudolph Fisher Newsletter (, an online newsletter and general research resource website devoted to Rudolph Fisher and the Harlem Renaissance at large. He lives in Buffalo, New York.Darryl Dickson-Carr is Associate Professor of English at Florida State University, Tallahassee, and author of African American Satire: The Sacredly Profane Novel and The Columbia Guide to African American Fiction, 1970-2000 (forthcoming). He lives in Tallahassee.
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