Drama for a New South Africa: Seven Plays

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..". a solid addition to international drama." -- LibraryJournalGoing beyond the parameters of conventional literarydrama, these seven new plays express life issues in post-apartheid South Africa --Islamic fundamentalism, women's rights, ecology, Afrikaans culture and the newmulti-racial life of the inner city. While theater rooted in the anti-apartheidmovement was rich and vibrant, it was also singleminded in focus, obscuring thediversity of South African culture now brought to life in these works.


IntroductionSophiatown (1986) by Junction Avenue Theatre Company; Horn of Sorrow (1988) by Nicholas Ellenbogen; And the Girls in their Sunday Dresses (1988) by Zakes Mda; Mooi Street Moves (1992) by Paul Slabolepszy; Purdah (1993) by Ismail Mahomed; Crossing (1994) by Reza de Wet; Ipi Zombi? (1998) by Brett BaileyGlossary


DAVID GRAVER earned a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Cornell University in 1987. Since then he has taught drama at Loyola University of Chicago, Stanford University, Columbia University, and the University of Chicago. He is author of The Aesthetics of Disturbance and numerous articles on twentieth-century drama and performance. He has been studying, teaching, and writing on South African drama since 1988. In 1997, he began a law degree at the University of Chicago.


" ... a solid addition to international drama." Library Journal
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