Domain Errors!: Cyberfeminist Practices: A subRosa Project

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September 2003



Cultural Writing. Women's Studies. "This exceptional collection of writings and artist projects performs a resistant feminist politics. Charting new strategies and practices, the authors imagine liberatory possibilities for our bodies, identities, and social relations in the ear of digitized networks and genetic engineering"--Miwon Kwon. Part performative intervention, part radical polemic and activist manual, DOMAIN ERRORS! CYBERFEMINIST PRACTICES introduces a diverse international group of feminist writers, artists, theorists, and activists. Opening areas repressed in previous cyberfeminist discourses, the authors map contemporary social relations between women as they are mediated and transformed by digital and biotechnologies.


Maria Fernandez is an art historian whose interests centre on post-colonial studies, electronic media theory, Latin American colonial and modern art, and the intersections of these fields. She has been influential in the formation of colonial studies in art history, applying postcolonial theory and cultural history to art history and historiography. Faith Wilding emigrated to the United States in l961 from Paraguay. She received her MFA at CalArts where she was a founding member of the Feminist Art Program. Wilding is a multidisciplinary artist whose work addresses aspects of the somatic, psychic, and sociopolitical history of the body. Michelle M. Wright is an associate professor of English who works in African American, Black European, African Diasporic and postcolonial studies. She has published a wide variety of articles on the issue of Black identity in the West for a number of journals and anthologies.

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