Doing Women's Studies: Employment Opportunities, Personal Impacts and Social Consequences

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Januar 2005



With the expansion of the EU in 2004, the free movement of workers across the Continent will further affect the employment opportunities of women. This sociological study explores the complex inter-relationship between women's employment, equal opportunities and Women's Studies training. This volume provides unique information about, and insightful analysis of, the changing patterns of women's employment in Europe; equal opportunities in a cross-European perspective; educational migration; gender, race, ethnicity and nationality; and the uneven prevalence and impact of Women's Studies on the lifestyles and everyday practices of those women who have experienced it.


Introduction - Gabriele Griffin; 1. Employment and Women's Studies - Nicky Le Feuvre and Muriel Andriocci; 2. Equal Opportunities in cross-European Perspective - Isabel Carrera Suarez and Laura Vinuela Suarez; 3. The Institutionalization of Women's Studies in Europe - Gabriele Griffin; 4. The Professionalization of Women's Studies Students in Europe - Harriet Silius; 5. The Impact of Women's Studies on its Students' Relationships and Everyday Practices - Gabriele Griffin and Jalna Hanmer; 6. Educational Migration and Gender: Women's Studies Students' Educational Mobility in Europe - Borbala Juhasz, Andrea Peto, Jeannette van der Sanden, and Berteke Waaldijk; 7. Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Nationality - Gabriele Griffin; 8. Comparative Research in Europe - Jalna Hanmer; References; Notes on Contributors; Index


Gabriele Griffin is Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Hull. Her previous books include Thinking Differently: A Reader in European Women's Studies, co-edited with Rosi Braidotti (Zed Books, 2002) and Heavenly Love? Lesbian Images in 20th Century Women's Writing (Manchester University Press, 1993). The contributors are all prominent feminist sociologists from a range of different countries.

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