Disaffection and Diversity

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Februar 1993



Highlights the new developments in the provision of education and training for adults. Higher education is expanding and alternative routes for adults into further and higher education are being introduced through the use of Access courses and other ways.


Part 1 Access issues: disaffection and access, Roger Harrison; adult access to higher education, Malcolm Tight; the experience of black minority students, Stima Lyons; local provision - an Oxfordshire case study, Brenda Walters. Part 2 Provision and progress with learning: the scope and characteristics of educational provision for adults, Colin Titmus; face-to-face provision and the older learner, Eric Midwinter; opportunities through open learning, Robert Leach and Roger Webb; disaffection and distance education, Alan Woodley. Part 3 Outcomes and achievements: adult learning and success, Judith Calder; a society of opportunity, Peter Raggatt; the assessment of prior learning - relating experience, competence and knowledge, Linda Butler Miles; credit accumulation and credit transfer, Geoffr Layer; informal learning opportunities and their contribution to overcoming dissaffection, Marian Lever.
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