Disability and the Life Course: Global Perspectives

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August 2010



Explores the global experience of disability using a novel life course approach.


Part I. Concepts: 1. Introduction: the global context of disability Mark Priestley; 2. Repositioning disability and the life course: a social claiming perspective Sarah Irwin; 3. Marginalisation and disability: experiences from the Third World Anita Ghai; 4. Where do we draw the line?: surviving eugenics in a technological world Gregor Wolbring; 5. A complicated struggle: disability, survival and social change in the majority world Emma Stone; Part II. Methods and Stories: 6. Life event histories and the US independent living moment Devva Kasnitz; 7. A journey of discovery Swapna McNeil; 8. Using life story narratives to understand disability and identity in South Africa Ruth Morgan; 9. Social change and self empowerment: stories of disabled people in Russia Elena Iarskia-Smirnova; 10. Lifting the Iron Curtain Kaido Kikkas; 11. Revisiting deaf transitions Mairian Corker; 12. The hidden injuries of 'a slight limp' Devorah Kalekin-Fishman; Part III. The Politics of Transition: 13. Disabled children: an emergency submerged Sue Philpott and Washeila Sait; 14. Failing to make the transition? Theorising the 'transition to adulthood' for young disabled people Kay Tisdall; 15. Breaking my head in the prime of my life: acquired disability in young adulthood Allison Rowlands; 16. Work and adulthood: economic survival in the majority world Majid Turmusani; 17. The possibility of choice: women with intellectual disabilities talk about having children Kelley Johnson, Rannveig Traustadottir, Lyn Harrison, Lynne Hillier and Hanna Bjorg Sigurjonsdottir; 18. Ageing with disability in Japan Miho Iwakuma; 19. Ageing with intellectual disabilities; discovering disability with old age: same or different? Nancy Breitenbach; 20. Epilogue Mark Priestley.


'... a welcome addition to the field ... As a 'reader' which can be dipped into, the book is excellent.' Journal of Ageing & Society 'This book is a 'must-read' for anyone interested in how disability is socially constructed around the globe and throughout the life course.' Amazon 'This is a welcome and timely publication ... This book is commendable ...' The Journal of The Royal Anthropological Institute
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