Diplomacy and World Power: Studies in British Foreign Policy, 1890 1951

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Juni 2002



Essays on British foreign policy in keeping with the scholarship of Dr Zara Steiner.


1. Introduction Michael Dockrill and Brian McKercher; 2. 'A world apart': gentlemen amateurs, professional generalists Valerie Cromwell; 3. 'Experiencing the foreign': British foreign policy makers and the delights of travel Keith Robbins; 4. Arbitration: the first phase, 1870-1914 Richard Langhorne; 5. 'Only a d...d marionette'?: the influence of ambassadors on British foreign policy, 1904-1914 Keith Neilson; 6. Old diplomacy and new: the Foreign Office and foreign policy, 1919-1939 Brian McKercher; 7. The evolution of British diplomatic strategy for the Locarno Pact, 1924-1925 Eric Goldstein; 8. Chamberlain's ambassadors Donald Cameron Watt; 9. The British Foreign Office and France during the 'phoney war', September 1939-May 1940 Michael Dockrill; 10. Churchill the appeaser? Between Hitler, Roosevelt and Stalin in the Second World War David Reynolds; 11. From ally to enemy: Britain and the Soviet Union, 1941-1948 Geoffrey Warner; Biographical notes.


"...this is an enjoyable, lively, sometimes humorous, but always scholarly collection." Anne Deighton, Albion "Diplomacy and World Power is a significant book--specialists in international history really should read all of the stronger chapters--and an appropriate tribute to a scholar who has inspired much of the significance to be found in international history" John R. Ferris, Canadian Journal of History
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