Dinosaur Tracks and Traces

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September 2004



This is the first book ever to be devoted to this subject.


Part I. Introduction; Part II. Historical Perspectives; Part III. Locomotion and Behaviour; Part IV. Eggs and Nests; Part V. Paleoecological, Paleoenvironmental and Regional Synthesis; Part VI. Biostratigraphy; Part VII. Experimentation and Functional Morphology; Part VII. Site Reports; Part IX. Systematic Ichnology; Part X. Conservation and Preservation.


'The first modern volume ever published in the subdiscipline was assembled, all papers expertly and multiply reviewed and edited, with unusual devotion and success, into a handsome book. Even its taxonomic rigors need not put off a general reader. Some history, more interpretation, many regional and individual site reports, and new techniques for recording and comparison are addressed, with a useful introduction and summary.' Scientific American 'This book is bound to appeal to dinosaur enthusiasts, but its value goes far beyond that. I recommend it not merely to dinosaur specialists but to all who have an interest in locomotor function and behaviour of any fossil lower retrapod.' Episodes
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