Democracy in Latin America: Patterns and Cycles

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Events such as the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement have made it imperative for students to grasp the history and possible directions of Latin American political change. This title gives readers both the background and the analytical models necessary for an accurate understanding of this area's political past and future. To examine the problems posed by political development, Professor Camp has divided this volume into four parts. The first section sets the tone, with two introductory essays providing an overview of the problems and dilemmas posed by democratization. The other three parts explore important aspects of this overall process.


Part 1 I. What is Democratization in Latin America? Chapter 2 Democracy and Development: An Overview Chapter 3 Dilemmas of Democratization in Latin America Part 4 II. The Political Heritage: Culture, Structures, and Authoritarianism Chapter 5 Two Cultures and Political Behavior in Latin America Chapter 6 Political Culture and Democratization in Latin America Chapter 7 Lost Promise: Explaining Latin American Underdevelopment Chapter 8 Authoritarianism and Corporatism in Latin America: The Modal Pattern Part 9 III. Agents of Political Change: Religion, Militarism, Electioneering, and Nongovernmental Organizations Chapter 10 Civil-Military Relations in a Democratic Framework Chapter 11 From Church and State to Religion and Politics and Back Again Chapter 12 Electioneering in Latin America Chapter 13 Nongovernmental Organizations in Latin America Part 14 IV. Consequences of Democratization: Case Studies in Change Chapter 15 Brazil under Collor, Anatomy of a Crisis Chapter 16 The Political Impact of Free Trade on Mexico Chapter 17 Democracy and Economic Crisis: The Latin American Experience Chapter 18 Suggested Readings


This book is to be recommended, especially for students of Latin American affairs, who will obtain a very good overview not only of the basic patterns and facts, but also their theoretical meaning. Notas Required reading for serious students of Latin American affairs. Library Journal
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