Cultural Practices of Literacy: Case Studies of Language, Literacy, Social Practice, and Power

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This book presents case studies of literacy practices as shaped by culture, language, community, &power.The studies cover a range of contexts&explore a number of relevant dimensions in the evolving picture of literacy as situated, multiple, &social.


Contents: Preface. V. Purcell-Gates, Complicating the Complex. V. Purcell-Gates, Language, Literacy, and Hegemony. C. Mazak, Appropriation and Resistance in the (English) Literacy Practices of Puerto Rican Farmers. A. Molosiwa, Language and Literacy Issues in Botswana. V. Purcell-Gates, The Immigrant Experience: Language, Literacies, and Identities. K. Perry, Sharing Stories, Linking Lives: Literacy Practices Among Sudanese Refugees. G. Zhang, Multiple Border Crossings: Literacy Practices of Chinese-American Bilingual Families. K. Rosolova, Literacy Practices in a Foreign Language: Two Cuban Immigrants. V. Purcell-Gates, Literacies In-/Out-of-School and On the Borders. S. Collins, Breadth and Depth, Imports and Exports: Transactions Between the In- and Out-of-School Literacy Practices of an "At Risk" Youth. J. Kersten, Literacy and Choice: Urban Elementary Students' Perceptions of Links Between Home, School, and Community Literacy Practices. D. Gallagher, "You Have to Be Bad or Dumb to Get in Here": Reconsidering the In-School and Out-of-School Literacy Practices of At-Risk Adolescents. C. O'Neil, School and Home: Contexts for Conflict and Agency. V. Purcell-Gates, New Pedagogies for New Literacies. D. Eyman, Digital Literac(ies), Digital Discourses, and Communities of Practice: Literacy Practices in Virtual Environments. V. Purcell-Gates, Comprehending Complexity. Appendix A: Cultural Practices of Literacy Study: Semi-Structured Literacy Practices Interview. Appendix B: Demographic Information.
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