Creative Learning 3-11 and How We Document it

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November 2007



Offers evidence-based research and case studies of creative work with children from across the world in a variety of settings. This book contains theoretical reviews of the research that are useful for politicians, policy developers, teachers, students, trainers, inspectors and anyone interested in developing more creative ways of teaching.


Anna Craft is Professor of education at the University of Exeter. she has published widely and is founding co=-editor of the International . Journal of Thinking Skills and Creativity Teresa Cremin is Professor of Education at the Open University. Pamela Burnard is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of education at the University of Cambridge. All worked on the study: Progression in Creative Learning (2005), commissioned by Creative Partnerships.


There are important messages for everyone interested in creativity in education in Creative Learning 3-11 and How We document It. ...excellent platform for further debate and discussion about the what, the how and the why the exercise of creativity is desirable and necessary. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy
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