Cornish Studies: Second Series

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Dezember 2005



The thirteenth volume in this acclaimed paperback series includes articles on Cornish emigration, Cornish literature, the novelist Virginia Woolf, the poet Jack Clemo, Cornish mining history, Cornish folklore, the medieval Cornish-language miracle plays, and William Scawen: the seventeenth-century Cornish patriot and language revivalist. Contributions by
Michael Bender, Amy Hale, Alan M. Kent, Cynthia Lane, Gary Magge, Paul Manning, Philip Payton, Sharron P. Schwartz, Matthew Spriggs, Andrew C. Symons, Andrew Thompson and Malcolm Williams


1. Discourse and Social Science in Cornish Studies-A Reply to Bernard Deacon, Malcolm Williams
2. Scatting it t'lerrups: Provisional Notes Towards Alternative Methodologies in Language and Literary Studies in Cornwall, Alan M. Kent
3. Why Move the Lighthouse? Virginia Woolf's Relationship with St Ives, Michael Bender
4. Jack Clemo's Mystical-Erotic Quest, Andrew C. Symons
5. William Scawen (1600-1689)-A Neglected Cornish Patriot and Father of the Cornish Language Revival, Matthew Spriggs
6. Staging the State and the Hypostasization of Violence in the Medieval Cornish Drama, Paul Manning
7. 'Too Rarely Visited and Too Little Known': Travellers' Imaginings of Industrial Cornwall, Cynthia Lane
8. Bridget Cleary and Cornish Studies: Folklore, Story-telling and Modernity, Philip Payton
9. Jewish Ghosts, Knackers, Tommyknockers, and other Sprites of Capitalism in the Cornish Mines, Paul Manning
10. Migration Networks and the Transnationalization of Social Capital: Cornish Migration to Latin America, A Case Study, Sharron P. Schwartz
11. Remittances Revisited: A Case Study of South Africa and the Cornish Migrant, c. 1870-1914, Gary Magee and Andrew Thompson Review Article
12. Rethinking Henry Jenner, Amy Hale


Philip Payton is Professor of Cornish Studies in the University of Exeter and Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies at Truro. He is also the author of A.L. Rowse and Cornwall: A Paradoxical Patriot (University of Exeter Press, 2005)
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