Confronting Rape and Sexual Assault

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November 1997



So serious are the topics of rape and sexual assault that the mere discussion of them is often avoided. In this book, Mary Odem and Jody Clay-Warner examine the complex and painful issue of sexual violence from various perspectives, including sociology, criminology, anthropology, public health, and women's studies. The inclusion of personal accounts from women who have been raped or threatened by rape makes this collection particularly accessible, compelling, and powerful. An essay details one woman's long struggle as a rape survivor, a poem describes the fear of rape and society's treatment of the victim, and a sonnet traces the journey from victim to survivor. Not only does this invaluable collection define and examine the prevalence of rape and sexual assault, but it analyzes social and institutional factors that contribute to their occurrence and provides strategies for prevention and change.


Part 1 Speaking Out Chapter 2 Rape Poem Chapter 3 Surviving Rape: A Morning/Mourning Ritual Chapter 4 Rape Sonnets Chapter 5 Mikvah Ceremony for Laura Part 6 II Defining the Problem Chapter 7 A Feminist Redefinition of Rape and Sexual Assault: Historical Foundations and Change Chapter 8 Hidden Rape: Sexual Aggression and Victimization in a National Sample of Students in Higher Education Chapter 9 Wife Rape and the law Chapter 10 The Effects of Sexual Assault on Men: A Survey of Twenty-two Victims Part 11 III Why Rape Happens Chapter 12 The Socio-Cultural Context of Rape: A Cross-Cultural Study Chapter 13 "Riding the Bull at Gilley's": Convicted Rapists Describe the Rewards of Rape Chapter 14 Rape Myths Chapter 15 Sexual Aggression, Masculinity, and Fathers Part 16 IV Institutional and Cultural Context Chapter 17 Fraternities and Rape on Campus Chapter 18 Mass Media, Sexual Violence, and Male Viewers Chapter 19 Rape, Racism, and the Law Chapter 20 Gender, Ethnicity, and Sexual Assault: Findings from a Los Angeles Study Part 21 V Strategies for Change Chapter 22 The Effects of Resistance Strategies on Rape Chapter 23 Organizational and Community Transformation: The Case of a Rape Crisis Center Chapter 24 Rape and the Law Chapter 25 Clarence, Willian, Iron Mike, Tailhook, Senator Packwood, Spur Posse, Magic ... and Us


Mary E. Odem is associat eprofessor of women's studies and history at Emory University. Jody Clay-Warner is visiting assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at Emory University.


Finally, a truly superb volume on the topic of sexual assault. I highly recommend it. There are valuable pieces for everyone here-students, scholars, and those wanting to learn more about the subject of rape and sexual aggression, its impract on victims, and strategies for change. -- Demie Kurz, University of Pennsylvania This anthology serves up the leading experts and most engaging voices. Confronting Rape and Sexual Assault will be a useful primer for students, health care workers, law enforcement officials, and public policymakers. I anticipate that it will quickly become the standard reference work on the subject because of its thorough coverage. -- Ginny Daley, Duke University Libraries An excellent text that should be required reading for anyone interested in the issue. Sexual violence is placed in an institutional and cultural context, and the intersections of sexual assault and race, ethnicity, and gender are explored. -- Jennifer Dritt, vice president of Education, National Coalition Against Sexual Assault
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