Confronting Margaret Mead: Scholarship, Empire, and the South Pacific

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Juli 1994



The legendary Margaret Mead changed Americans' views of themselves by relating information collected from remote peoples to our society. This work presents a multicultural outlook on Margaret Mead, scrutinizing her role and impact on Western anthropology, colonialism, and strategic and business interests in the South Pacific.


Foreword - Peter Worsley Preface - Angela Gilliam and Lenora Foerstel Acknowledgments Part I: The Margaret Mead Legacy
1. Anthropologists in Search of a Culture: Margaret Mead, Derek Freeman, and All the Rest of Us - Eleanor Leacock
2. Leaving a Record for Others: An Interview with Nahau Rooney - Angela Gilliam
3. Margaret Mead from a Cultural-Historical Perspective - Lenora Foerstel
4. The Stigma of New Guinea: Reflections on Anthropology and Anthropologists - Warilea Iamo
5. Margaret Mead's Contradictory Legacy - Angela Gilliam and Lenora Foerstel Part II: Empire and Independence
6. For an Independent Kanaky - Susanna Ounei
7. The United States Anthropologist in Micronesia: Toward a Counter-Hegemonic Study of Sapiens - Glenn Alcalay
8. Anthropology and Authoritarianism in the Pacific Islands - Simione Durutalo
9. Tugata: Culture, Identity, and Commitment - John D. Waiko
10. Papua New Guinea and the Geopolitics of Knowledge Production - Angela Gilliam


"...valuable information, ideas, and contrasts." --Choice "This book is a remarkable portrait of a scholar and a field, both fierce and fair. The conjecture of perspectives--ethnography and empire, personal history and public practice, voices from the Pacific as well as the United States--makes a document important for assessing anthropology, both past and future." --Dell Hymes, University of Virginia, and editor of Reinventing Anthropology "Mead's attitude toward and activities in relation to her country's foreign and military policies are under scrutiny here, and so is her relationship with the subjects of her research. Such critical assessment of leading scholars is crucial to improvement of academic research and scholastic work and building trust, confidence, and good relations among poe0ples of the world." --Amelia Rokotuivuna, Young Women's Christian Association, Fiji, and former Chair of the Nuclear-Free Pacific Conference
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