Complexity and Institutions: Markets, Norms and Corporations

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Drawing on behavioural, experimental and neoclassical economics, this volume brings together eminent academics and practitioners to provide working macroeconomic models and explore the social norms governing a post-crisis financial world.


I: THEORY AND EMPIRICAL REALITY Theory and Reality in Economics: Insights from Three Allegories; M.Kandori PART
II: COMPLEX ECONOMIC DYNAMICS: AGENT-BASED AND ANALYTICAL MODELS The Dynamics of Pure Market Exchange; H.Gintis Towards an Analytical Solution for Agent Based Models; an Application to a Credit Network Economy; C.Guilmi , M.Gallegati , S.Landini & J.Stiglitz The EURACE Macroeconomic Model and Simulator; S.Cincotti, M.Roberto & A.Teglio PART
III: SOCIAL NORMS Aspects of Naturalising the Social Contract; B.Skyrms The Role of Salience in the Emergence and Reproduction of Norms; R.Sugden Fairness as an Equilibrium Selection Device; K.Binmore PART
IV: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND ORGANISATION Shapley-Value Parables of Corporations as Evolutive Systems of Associational Cognition; M.Aoki An End to Consensus? The Selective Impact of Corporate Law Reform on Financial Development; S.Deakin , P.Sarkar & A.Singh On the Plasticity of the Corporate Form; K.Pistor Government Banks and Growth: Theory and Evidence; S.Andianova , P.Demetriades & A.Shortland


Edited By Masahiko Aoki, Kenneth Binmore, Simon Deakin and Herbert Gintis
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