Collaboration--Across Campus, Across Town, and with K-12 Schools: A Special Issue of the Peabody Journal of Education

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Dezember 2000



A study of collaboration - across campus, across town, and with K-12 schools. Subjects discussed include: setting the stage for collaboration; Springfield College collaboration with the Springfield public schools and neighbouring community; and commonalities across effective collaboratives.


Volume 75, Number 3, 2000 Contents: J.F. Russell, R.B. Flynn, Setting the Stage for Collaboration M.E. Walsh, M.M. Brabeck, K.A. Howard, F.T. Sherman, C. Montes, T.J. Garvin, The Boston College-Allston/Brighton Partnerships: Description and Challenges. S.D. Moore, S. Brennan, A.R. Garrity, S.W. Godecker, Winburn Community Academy: A University-Assisted Community School and Professional Development School. L.M. Kenney, L. Collet-Klingenberg, Manufacturing and Production Technician Youth Apprenticeship Program: A Partnership. C.D. Schmitz, S.J. Baber, D.M. John, K. Sullivan, Creating the 21st Century School of Education: Collaboration, Community, and Partnership in St. Louis. C. Fountain, J. Wood, Florida Early Literacy and Learning Model: A Systematic Approach to Improve Learning at All Levels. D. Lucy-Allen, D. Brunton, J. McDade, J. Seydel, D. Vogel, Springfield College Collaboration With the Springfield Public Schools and Neighboring Community. S.A. Harsh, J.W. Fewell, R.M. Casto, Twenty-Five Years of Collaboration for Interprofessional Education and Practice at The Ohio State University. S. Rogers, K. Danielson, J.F. Russell, Collaborating the Promote Effective Elementary Practices Across Seven School Districts. B. Badiali, R. Flora, I.D. Johnson, J. Shively, Boyond Collaboration: Accounts of Partnership From the Institute for Educational Renewal Based at Miami University. T.S. Poetter, B. Badiali, D.J. Hammond, Growing Teacher Inqury: Collaboration in a Partner School. D. Corrigan, The Changing Role of Schools and Higher Education Institutions With Respect to Community-Based Interagency Collaboration and Interprofessional Partnerships. J.F. Russell, R.B. Flynn, Commonalities Across Effective Collaboratives.
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