Choice and Diversity in Schooling: Perspectives and Prospects

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This volume provides a unique insight into current understanding of a range of issues central to any analysis and evaluation of market-like systems in schooling, including: * Diversity and hierarchy amongst schools * Parental criteria for choosing schools * The differential impact on advantaged and disadvantaged families * National and international variations in educational policies * Rules and practices concerning school admissions Implications for future research and for educational policy are highlighted and the final chapter provides an overview of key themes and issues. This book will interest all those involved in educational policy, researchers, students, headteachers and other senior managers in schools.


1. Introduction 2. Diversity, Differentiation and Hierarchy: School Choice and Parental Preferences 3. Marketing Quality: Traditional and Modern Versions of Educational Excellence 4. School System Responses to External Change: Implications for Parental Choice of Schools 5. Opting into the Past? Grant Maintained Schools and the Reinvention of Tradition 6. Schools Responsiveness to Parents' Views at Key Stage One 7. Parental Involvement and School Choice: Israel and the United States 8. Parental Choice and Special Education 9. The Impact of Competition on Secondary Schools 10. The Education Market, Labour Relations in Schools and Teacher Unionism in the UK 11. Policies for School Choice: What can Britain Learn from Abroad? 12. Admissions to Schools: A Study of Local Education Authorities 13. Changing Admissions Policies and Practices in Inner London: Implications for Policy and Future Research 14. Review and Implications
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