Chinese Women Organizing: Cadres, Feminists, Muslims, Queers

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November 2001



I. Chinese Women: Organizing, Organizers, and Organizations. By Maria Jaschok, Cecilia Milwertz and Ping-Chun Hsiung.
II. Contextualizing and Transcending East-West Boundaries
1. New Spaces, New Voices: Women Organizing in Twentieth-Century China. Elizabeth Croll (SOAS, University of London).
2. Chinese Queer Women (Tongzhi) Organizing in the 1990s. He Xiaopei (Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex).
3. East Meets West Feminist Translation Group: A Conversation Between Two Participants. Ge Youli (Global Alliance for Workers and Communities) and Susie Jolly (Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex).
III. Ethnic and Religious Perspectives;
4. From Tianjin to Chengdu: Three 'Chinese Society for Women's Studies' Collaborative Projects in China. Xiaolan Bao (California State University, Long Beach) with Wu Xu (Sociology Department, University of Utah).
5. In Search of Sacred Women's Organizations. Shui Jingjun (Henan Academy of Social Sciences)
IV. NGO Discourse and De-Constructing Fulian;
6. The All China Women's Federation: Today's Challenges and Tomorrow's Moves. Jin Yihong (Women's studies centre, Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences).
7. All China Women's Federation and the Evolution of Women's Non-Governmental Organizations. Liu Bohong (Women's Studies Institute of China, Beijing).
8. Searching for 'authentic' NGOs: The NGO Discourse and Women's Organizations in China. Naihua Zhang (Florida Atlantic University).
V. Pockets of Space;
9. The Strategy and Space for Chinese Popular Women's Organizations: A Case Study of the Shaanzi Association for Women and Family. Gao Xiaoxian (Shaanxi Women's Federation)
10. The Women's Media Watch Network. Cai Yiping(China Women's News), Feng Yuan (China Women's News) and Guo Yanqiu(China Women's News).
VI. Positioning Women's Studies;
11. 'Manouvering Fate' and 'Following the Call': Development and Prospects of Women's Studies in the Chinese Higher Education System. Du Fangqin (Tianjin Normal University).
VII. Post-Workshop Reflections.


Ping-Chun Hsiung Associate Professor,University of Toronto Maria Jaschok Research Associate, Centre for Cross-Cultural Research on Women, University of Oxford Cecilia Milwertz Research Fellow, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies


'This book breaks new ground in that it gives voice both to academics engaged in Chinese women's studies from both China and the West, and to activists working in Chinese NGOs. Very little has been published in English on the non-state women's movement in China, its strategies, activities and divisions, so this book usefully fills an obvious gap.'Delia Davin, University of Leeds'A substantial addition to the burgeoning scholarship on the new wave of women's organising in China, offering a more comprehensive treatment of the topic than available in English until now.'Intersections'The standard is high and the translators and editors have done an excellent job.'Chinese Women Organizing 'This book is the text for women organizing in China and the source for the present state and future direction of the women's movement and the ongoing research in to it.' The China Quarterly 'Chinese Women Organizing is a text that will be of interest not o
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