China Watching: Perspectives from Europe, Japan and the United States

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November 2006



China Watching analyzes the state of European, Japanese and American scholarship on China over the last decade. The international team of contributors explore the main subjects and trends in research being done on contemporary Chinese politics, economy, foreign affairs and security studies. They contrast the substance and conclusions of this research in Europe, Japan, and the United States, contributing to topics that are hotly debated among China watchers worldwide. The book provides a unique insight into the world of China studies as well as China itself, and will appeal to those with an interest in Chinese politics, economics, foreign policy and security studies.


SOAS, Univesity of London, UK George Washington University, USA Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan


'The book provides an illuminating map of ... three fields of contemporary China studies, and will be of great interest to specialists seeking new ideas and insights on how their work fits into the broader trends on contemporary China studies.' - Robert Sutter, The China Journal, No 58, July 2007'The whole book repays careful reading, but for those short of time the papers by Cabestan, Obashi and Baum should not be missed. Their virtue is that they combine valuable descriptions of what is happening with particularly good explanations of the structural factors shaping their fields' - Christopher Howe, The China Quarterly, 196, December 2008
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