Child Welfare in the UK, 1948 - 1998

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Dezember 1998



This text aims to provide a comprehensive review and analysis of the last 50 years of developments within child welfare, since the introduction of the Children's Act in 1948. It considers the major themes and achievements, and their effect on child welfare and the provision of services.


Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Ideology, Politics and Policy; Chapter 3: A Comparison of the Children Act 1948 and the Children Act 1989; Chapter 4: Residential care; Chapter 5: Fostering Adoption; Chapter 6: Reflections and challenges; Chapter 7: Children still in need: indeed!; Chapter 8: Young Offenders; Chapter 9: Childrens Rights.


Olive Stevenson is Professor of Social Work at the University of Nottingham.


""A readable and informative text"" Child Psychology & Psychiatry "“The text is clearly written and the book should be of value to social work students as a work of reference in terms of major legislation and as a critical assessment of past and present policy.” "Aslib Book Guide"“Students, educators and scholars…will find the book definitely worthwhile and a source of stimulating ideas and themes for further research and debate”"Child & Family Social Work
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