Central Asian Security

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April 2001



This volume is the first comprehensive scholarly analysis of the strategic reconfiguration of Central Asia as Russia has become more disengaged from the nations in the region and as these nations have developed new relations to the south, east, and west.


Roy Allison is head of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London: He is the coeditor of Security Dilemmas in Russia and Eurasia (RIIA, 1998), the editor of Challenges for the Former Soviet South , (Brookings /RIIA, 1996), and coauthor of Internal Factors in Russian Foreign Policy , (Oxford University Press, 1996.) Lena Jonson is a senior research fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. She is the author of Keeping the Peace in the CIS: The Evolution of Russian Policy (RIIA Discussion Paper, 1999), Russia and Central Asia: a New Web of Relations (RIIA, 1998), and coeditor of Peacekeeping and the Role of Russia in Eurasia (Westview Press, 1996.)


"This... careful and well-reasoned book makes clear that avenues leading to peaceful cooperation in this 'regional security complex' are open." --David Nalle, U.S. Foreign Service officer, Middle East Policy, 3/1/2002 "The introduction and conclusion summarize the contents well; [and] the papers are informative." --F.L. Mokhtari, Norwich University, Choice, 3/1/2002 "This work is a welcome addition to the study of Central Asia. It is a critical addition to the understanding of security issues in the region, and it is required reading to understand better the war on terror and future U.S. relations with the Central Asia republics." --Ahmed Hashim, Naval War College, Naval War College Review, 7/1/2002
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