Building Sustainable Urban Settlements: Approaches and Case Studies in the Developing World

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In this collection of studies, environmental, institutional, social and cultural aspects of sustainability are considered in a variety of towns and cities in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Central and South America. Many of the contributors focus particularly on meeting the needs of the urban poor. The main themes are: * urban environmental management with particular reference to economic activities and housing* achieving institutional, social and cultural sustainability* managing urban development processes to reduce their environmental impacts, to improve the produced built environments and sustain improved practices.Drawing on case studies of individual cities and countries as well as comparative research and analytical procedures, the international group of contributors evaluate government policies and practices and make suggestions for improvements.


Foreword: Practical measures for implementing the Habitat Agenda in the 21st Century Michael Mutter Preface: Key urban facts - the series and this book Nick Hall Building sustainable human settlements: an editorial introduction Carole Rakodi and Sam Romaya Part 1 Urban environmental management, employment and housing Housing and industry in Lahore, Pakistan: good or bad neighbours? Rizwan Hameed and Jeremy Raemaekers Urban growth and development in Shanghai: towards responsive institutional arrangements for environmental planning and management David Shaw, Peter J.B.Brown, David W. Massey and Xiangrong Wang Rational environmental decision making: some lessons from Thailand's EIA experience Oparim Pimchaeron and David Shaw The effects of home-based enterprises on the residential environment in developing countries Graham Tipple, Justine Coulson and Peter Kellett Part 2 Achieving institutional, social and cultural sustainability Environments of harmony and social conflict: the role of the environment in the defusion of urban violence in Medellin, Colombia Peter Brand Building sustainable capacity for urban poverty reduction Carole Rakodi The role of civil society in housing policy development: some lessons from Southern Africa Paul Jenkins Community empowerment and social sustainability in Florianopolis, Brazil Denise Martins Lopes and Carole Rakodi When the state cannot cope: community self management? The case of Rincon Grande de Pavas in San Jose de Costa Rica, Central America Harry Smith Cultural continuity: comparing the Fereej system and modern housing development in Hofuf, Saudi Arabia Mashary A. Al-Naim Part 3 Sustainable urban development processes Incremental transformations for sustainable urban settlements Sam Romaya Good practice in core area development: combating poverty through a participatory approach Tony Lloyd-Jones and Sarah Carmona Ambitious aims, persistent problems: An evaluation of low income urban housing policy in Iran M.R. Dallalpour Mohammadi Developing appropriate housing standards and procedures Theo Schilderman and Lucky Lowe Public/private partnerships in urban land development Geoffrey Payne Conclusion: some building blocks for sustainable human settlements Carole Rakodi


Sam Romaya is an architect-planner specializing in urban planning, urban design and urban conservation with interest in developing countries in general and the Middle East in particular. Carole Rakodi, geographer and town planner, is Professor of International Urban Development in the International Development Department, School of Public Policy, at the University of Birmingham.
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