Britain Decides: The UK General Election 2005

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Oktober 2005



The 2005 UK General Election promised to be a hard-fought contest. Drawing upon contributions from a range of experts, this book explains the basis upon which the election was fought. Combining analysis of the party campaigns with a longer-term assessment of the handling of key issues, the volume provides a definitive guide to how the election was won and lost. Academic analyses of social, political and territorial factors in how the UK voted are complemented by outsider views and constituency profiles, in a rigorous, lively and accessible manner.


A.Geddes &
J.Tonge Results;
D.Denver Labour;
S.Fielding Conservatives;
P.Cowley &
J.Green Liberal Democrats;
E.D.Fieldhouse &
D.Cutts The Fringe Parties;
R.Eatwell The Candidate;
T.Wright Scotland;
J.Mitchell Wales;
J.Bradbury Northern Ireland;
J.Tonge Gender;
S.Childs Campaign Finance;
J.Fisher Internet &
S.Ward Media Coverage;
D.Wring Economy;
M.Smith Delivery of Services;
D.Richards Foreign Policy and the War on Terror;
G.Cameron Europe;
A.Geddes Immigration and Asylum;
A.Geddes Conclusion;
A.Geddes &


JONATHAN BRADBURY University of Swansea, UK
GAVIN CAMERON University of Calgary, Canada
SARAH CHILDS University of Bristol, UK
PHIL COWLEY University of Nottingham, UK
DAVID CUTTS University of Manchester, UK
DAVID DENVER University of Lancaster, UK
ROGER EATWELL University of Bath, UK
E. D. FIELDHOUSE University of Manchester, UK
STEVE FIELDING University of Salford, UK
JUSTIN FISHER Brunel University, UK
JANE GREEN University of Oxford, UK
JAMES MITCHELL University of Strathclyde, UK
DAVE RICHARDS University of Sheffield, UK
MARTIN SMITH University of Sheffield, UK
STEVE WARD University of Oxford, UK
TONY WRIGHT Member of Parliament, UK
DOMINIC WRING University of Loughborough, UK
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