Brazil: Empire and Republic, 1822-1930

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Mai 1989



The complete Cambridge History of Latin America presents a large-scale authoritative survey of Latin America's unique historical experience from the first contact between Indians and Europeans at the end of the fifteenth century to the present day. Brazil: Empire and Republic, 1822 1930 is a selection of five chapters from volumes III and IV - three on the Empire (1822 89) and two on the First Republic (1889 1930) - brought together to provide a continuous history of Brazil from independence in 1822 to the Revolution of 1930. A chapter on the separation of Brazil from Portugal (1808 22) forms an introduction to the volume and a link with Colonial Brazil, a collection of chapters drawn from volumes I and II of the Cambridge History of Latin America. Bibliography essays are included for all chapters. The book will be a valuable text for both teachers and students of Latin American history.


Introduction: from colony to Empire; 1. The independence of Brazil Leslie Bethell; Part I. Empire (1822-89): 2. 1822-1870 Leslie Bethell and Jose Murilo de Carvalho; 3. 1850-1870 Richard Graham; 4. 1870-1889 Emilia Viotti da Costa; Part II. First Republic (1889-1930): 5. Economy Warren Dean; 6. Society and politics Boris Fausto; Bibliographical essays; Index.
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