Bodily Interventions

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Dezember 2005



In this vast and ever expanding field this collection presents a sample of some of the latest international research on bodily interventions. The study of the body has so often been compartmentalised into disciplinary specialisms. The contributions in this issue present an inter-disciplinary and multi-sited collection. Drawing on different genres in literary studies, labour markets, political theory and cultural analysis, it will help student and specialist scholars to look at the body from different vantage points.


Editorial; N.Puwar, I.Gedalof & H.Crowley Preface: Celebrating 25 years; N.Puwar Still Here After 25 Years!; D.Griffiths Feminist Review: 25 Years and Beyond; G.Lewis Working Together, Pulling Apart; A.Treacher The Future of Feminist Review & Feminisms: un/becomings & possibilities; N.Puwar Breaking Through the Fence; C.Smith Discursive & Political Deployments By/Of the 2002 Palestinian Women Suicide Bombers/Martyrs; F.S.Hasso Feminist 'Selves' and Feminism's 'Others': Feminist Representations of Jamaat-e-Islami women in Pakistan; A.Jamal Class and Feminine Excess: The Strange Case of Anna Nicole Smith; J.A.Brown Your Kidney Supermarket; S.Gupta Labour and Migrating Bodies; Hsiao-Hung Pai Objects and Bodies: Objectification and over-identification in Tanja Ostojic's art projects; S.Milevska Altogether Different: From Black to Blonde and Back Again; J.Round Whites Going On; M.Verna The Dress; B.Gilmore Sidelines; B.Gilmore Migration/Movement; S.Singh Book Reviews Bisexual Spaces: A Geography of Sexuality and Gender; K.O'Riordan Taking It Off, Putting It On. Women in the Strip Trade; G.Garofalo Sex Tourism. Marginal People and Liminalities; G.Garofalo The Most Beautiful Girl in the World: Beauty Pageants and National Identity; B.Mani Action Chicks: New Images of Tough Women in Popular Culture; A.Harris Women in Contemporary Mexican Politics; G.Waylen


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