Bodies and Persons: Comparative Perspectives from Africa and Melanesia

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A comparative analysis of notions of personhood and embodiment in African and Melanesian societies.


1. Introduction Andrew Strathern; Part I. Transcending Dichotomies: 2. 'It's a boy', 'It's a girl!': reflections on sex and gender in Madagascar and beyond Rita Astuti; 3. Modernity and formative personhood in Melanesia Edward LiPuma; 4. Refiguring the person: the dynamics of affects and symbols in an African spirit possession cult Ellen Corin; 5. Body and mind in mind, body and mind in body: some anthropological interventions in a long conversation Michael Lambek; Part II. Transitions, Containments, Decontainments: 6. Treating the affect by remodelling the body in a Yaka healing cult Rene Devisch; 7. To eat for another: taboo and the elicitation of bodily form among the Kamea of Papua New Guinea Sandra Bamford; 8. Electric vampires: Haya rumors of the commodified body Brad Weiss; Part III. From Exchange to History: 9. Creative possessions: spirit mediumship and millennial economy among Gebusi of Papua New Guinea Bruce M. Knauft; 10. Dis-embodiment and concealment among the Atbalmin of Papua New Guinea Eytan Bercovitch; 11. Melpa and Nuer ideas of life and death: the rebirth of a comparison Andrew Strathern and Pamela Stewart; Afterword Janice Boddy.


"This is a valuable contribution to comparative ethnography." Religious Studies Review "Lambek and Strathern have produced a rich and fascinating volume...This volume should interest all who are concerned with Africa, Melanesia, comparison, person/body, and contemporary anthropological theory. It is an example of what the best of edited volumes should be." Pacific Affairs Winter 01
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