Bilingualism, Education and Identity

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Juni 1995



This volume analyses and discusses various facets of bilingualism from an international perspective. The topics covered include the relationship of bilingualism and intelligence, the social and geographical bases of bilingualism, acculturation, and lexical development. But it is the field of bilingual education which supplies the main area of interest with papers on school systems in Wales, Australia and Nigeria: the discussions here examine linguistic aspects of curricular design, language teaching methodology, and assessment.


J.L.W. and bilingualism, J.E. Caerwyn Williams; schools and speech communities in a bilingual setting, Bob Morris Jones; the effects of L2 education on L1/L2 development, Carl Dodson; bilingual education and assessment, Colin Baker; psychology and bilingual education - intelligence tests and the influence of pedagogy, Wynford Bellin; questions concerning the development of bilingual Wales, Colin H. Williams; acculturation, ethnic identity and community languages - a study of Indo-Canadian adolescents, Paul Ghuman; aspects of bilingual education in Australia, J.A.W. Caldwell and M.J. Berthold; aspects of bilingual education in Nigeria, Adebisi Afolayan; Jac L. Williams - Ysgogwr Addysg Gymraeg - portread personol, D. Gareth Edwards.
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