Beyond the Tower: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Philosophy

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Januar 2000



Intended for faculty and service-learning directors, this guide combines the "how-to" information and intellectual framework that teachers seek. It discusses how service-learning can be implemented within philosophy and what philosophy contributes to the pedagogy of service-learning. It includes annotated bibliographies and program descriptions.


Foreword--David A. Hoekema; PART ONE: SERVICE-LEARNING AS A MODE OF PHILOSOPHICAL INQUIRY: Knowledge, Foundations, and Discourse: Philosophical Support for Service-Learning--Goodwin Liu; Feminism, Postmodernism, and Service-Learning--Irene E. Harvey; Listening to the Evidence: Service Activity and Understanding Social Phenomena--Hugh Lacey; The Use of a Philosopher: Socrates and Myles Horton--John Wallace; Praxis-Informed Philosophy--C. David Lisman; Fluid Boundaries: Service-Learning and the Experience of Community--Cathy Ludlum Foos; Service-Learning, Citizenship, and the Philosophy of Law--Stephen L. Esquith; Deepening Democratic Participation Through Deweyan Pragmatism--Judith M. Green; PART TWO: COURSE NARRATIVES: Service-Learning as a Vehicle for Teaching Philosophy--Eugene J. Valentine; Service-Learning in Perspectives on Poverty--Carolyn H. Magid; Service-Learning in Ethics: A New Pedagogical Approach to the Old Theory-vs.-Practice Challenge-- Sally J. Scholz; The Power of Service-Learning in Developing Critical-Thinking Skills--Mary Esther Schnaubelt; Sojourning in the Art World: Service-Learning in Philosophy of Art--Dan Lloyd. AFTERWORD: Philosophical Inquiry as Responsible Engagement--William M. Sullivan; ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY.
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