Beyond the Green Myth: Borneo's Hunter-Gatherers in the Twenty-First Century

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April 2008



This is the first comprehensive picture of the nomadic and formerly nomadic hunting-gathering groups of the Borneo tropical rain forest, totaling about 20,000 people.


Foreword (Kirk Endicott)
1. Introduction: Borneo, Hunter-Gatherers, and Change (B. Sellato and P.G. Sercombe)
2. Penan (Rodney Needham)
3. Resourceful Children of the Forest: The Kalimantan Punan through the Twentieth Century (Bernard Sellato)
4. The Emergence of the Ethnic Category Bhuket: Diversity and the Collective Hunter-gatherer Identity in Borneo (Shanthi Thambiah)
5. The Punan from the Tubu' River, East Kalimantan: A Native Voice on Past, Present, and Future Circumstances (K.A. Klimut and Rajindra K. Puri)
6. Stuck at the Bottom: Opportunity Structures and Punan Malinau Identity (Lars Kaskija)
7. Nested Disputes: Building Mediation Procedures for the Punan in West Kalimantan (Mering Ngo)
8. Game, Pets, and Animal Husbandry among Penan and Punan Groups (Stefan Seitz)
9. History and the Punan Vuhang: Response to Economic and Resource Tenure Change (Henry Chan)
10. Continuity and Adaptation among the Penan of Brunei (Peter G. Sercombe)
11. Penan Ethnobotany: Subsistence Strategy and Breadth of Knowledge (Robert A. Voeks)
12. Prior Transcripts, Divergent Paths: Resistance and Acquiescence to Logging in Sarawak, East Malaysia (J. Peter Brosius) References Contributors Index


Peter G. Sercombe is a senior lecturer at the University of Northumbria, England. Bernard Sellato is deputy director (formerly director) of the Institute for Research on Southeast Asia under the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) at the Universite de Provence, France. In addition, he is chief editor of the journal, Moussons. Both editors have long researched and written on Borneo and its people.
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