Beyond the City Limits: Urban Policy and Economics Restructuring in Comparative Perspective

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November 1991



Challenges the notion that there is a single, global process of economic restructuring to which cities must submit. The studies in this volume compare urban development in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan, demonstrating that there is significant variety in urban economic restructuring.


Preface Part I: Introduction 1. Urban Restructuring: A Critical View - John R. Logan and Todd Swanstrom Part II. Urban Policy: National and International Comparisons 2. Political Paradoxes of Urban Restructuring: Globalization of the Economy and Localization of Politics? - Edmond Preteceille 3. Industrial Restructuring, State Intervention, and Uneven Development in the United States and Japan - Richard C. Hill 4. Political Responses to Urban Restructuring: The British Experience under Thatcherism - Michael Parkinson Part III. The Limits and Possibilities of Local Policy 5. Economics, Politics, and Development Policy: The Convergence of New York and London - Susan Fainstein 6. Postindustrialism with a Difference: Global Capitalism in World Class Cities - H. V. Savitch 7. Urban Deals in Comparative Perspective - Harvey L. Molotch 8. Space for Progressive Local Policy: Examples from the U.S. and the U.K. - Pierre Clavel and Nancy Kleniewski Part IV. Reflections 9. Beyond the City Limits: A Commentary - Saskia Sassen 10. Theoretical Methods in Comparative Urban Politics - John Walton About the Contributors Subject Index Author Index


John R. Logan is Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York at Albany. Todd Swanstrom is Associate Professor of Political Science at the State University of New York at Albany and the author of "The Crisis of Growth Politics: Cleveland, Kucinich, and the Challenge of Urban Populism" (Temple).


"In their introduction to Beyond the City Limits, Logan and Swanstrom directly challenge the notion of economic restructuring processes as single, uniform, monolithic global processes. They stress not only the variability of these global processes and the consequent potential for political discretion and choice but the need to link more systematically the changes in production processes with changes in 'broader social and political processes.'" - Urban Affairs Quarterly "This book [makes] a positive contribution to the growing literature on the urban role in economic growth and regeneration." - Choice
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