Beyond Criminology: Taking Harm Seriously

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Oktober 2004



Reassesses conventional notions of crime by examining potential categories of social harm inflicted by globalisation


1 Introduction; 2 Beyond criminology? by Paddy Hillyard and Steve Tombs; 3 Towards a political economy of harm: states, corporations and the production of inequality by Paddy Hillyard and Steve Tombs; 4 Violence in democratic societies: towards an analytic framework by Jamil Salmi; 5 A theory of moral indifference: understanding the production of harm by capitalist society by Simon Pemberton; 6 State harms by Tony Ward; 7 Re-orientating miscarriages of justice by Michael Naughton; 8 The victimised state and the mystification of social harm by Joe Sim; 9 The war on migration by Frances Webber; 10 Workplace injury and death: social harm and the illusions of law by Steve Tombs; 11 Prime suspect: murder in Britain by Danny Dorling; 12 Gendering harm through a life course perspective by Christina Pantazis; 13 Heterosexuality as harm: fitting in by Lois Bibbings; 14 Children and the concept of harm by Roy Parker; 15 Poverty, death and disease by Dave Gordon; 16 Conclusion; Notes on Contributors; Index


Christina Pantazis is Research Fellow in Social Justice at the University of Bristol. Steve Tombs is Professor of Sociology at Liverpool John Moores University. Dave Gordon is Professor of Social Justice at the University of Bristol.

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