Bend, Don't Shatter: Poets on the Beginning of Desire

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Mai 2004



This new poetry anthology navigates the rocky waters of teenage sexuality and confusion with insight, clarity, and understanding. The poems were written by adults who keenly remember the turmoil and excitement of their own adolescent sexual explorations but now have the perspective and sense of self that come with growing up. They employ concrete details -- reaching across car seats, the electric touch of fingertips -- as well as more ephemeral concepts, such as facing desire as powerful as a thunderstorm.
Offering comfort, illumination, and acceptance, the book reflects the nuances and complications of teenage sexuality, and explores the confused joy of it, the bright desire, the shame and isolation, the shock of sexual discovery, and the thrill -- or horror -- of waking up to a new identity. The poems give teens new insight and new language for dealing with gender issues as a whole.


"This is powerful writing by a witness wise beyond his years. The gripping poems are so good that you find yourself wanting the writer to try his hand at everything: films, novels, songs, plays -- they all seem within his reach."
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