Australia's History: Themes and Debates

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Juni 2005



This landmark volume will be created to coincide with the 20th International Congress of Historical Sciences which the University of New South Wales in Sydney will be hosting in 2005. Sponsored by the Australian Historical Association, the book will commission leading historians of Australia to present syntheses of current debates, ideas and research on the most important areas of Australian historical work today.


Map of Australia; Notes on contributors; Timeline; Introduction Martyn Lyons & Penny Russell; 1 The battlefields of Aboriginal history Anna Haebich; 2 Unsettling settier society Penny Russell; 3 The view from the north Regina Ganter; 4 Australia's Asian futures David Walker; 5 The view from the west Charlie Fox; 6 Immigration history Catriona Elder; 7 Symbols of Australia Richard White; 8 Australians and war Melanie Oppenheirner & Bruce Scates; 9 The common bond? Australian citizenship Alison Holland; 10 Cities, suburbs, communities Seamus O'Hanion.


Martyn Lyons was born in London and now lives in Sydney, where he is Professor of History and European Studies at the University of New South Wales. He has published books and articles in both French revolutionary history, and in the history of the book. Recent works related to the history of reading and writing include Readers and Society in Ninteteenth-Century France (2001). Penny Russell is a Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Sydney where she teaches aspects of Australian history, women's history, scandal and autobiography. She has published widely in Australian colonial history, the use of women's private writings as historical sources and on the life of Lady Jane Franklin. Her publications include A Wish of Distinction: Colonial Gentility and Femininity (1994) and This Errant Lady: Jane Franklin's Overland Journey to Port Philip and Sydney (2002).

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