Asian and Latino Immigrants in a Restructuring Economy: The Metamorphosis of Southern California

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Experiencing both the enormous benefits and the serious detriments of globalization and economic restructuring, Southern California serves as a magnet for immigrants from many parts of the world. This volume advances an emerging body of work that centers this region's future on the links between the two fastest-growing racial groups in California, Asians and Latinos, and the economic and social mainstream of this important sector of the global economy.


List of illustrations; List of tables; Acknowledgments; 1. Introduction Marta Lopez-Garza and David R. Diaz; Part I. Women in the Global Economy; 2. Exploitation and abuse in the garment industry: the case of the Thai slave-labor compound in El Monte Julie A. Su and Chanchanit Martorell; 3. Through economic restructuring, recession, and rebound: the continuing importance of Latina immigrant labor in the Los Angeles economy Kristine M. Zentgraf; Part II. Macroeconomics: 4. the promises and dilemmas of immigrant ethnic economies Tarry Hum; 5. Economics and ethnicity: poverty, race, and immigration in Los Angeles county Manuel Pastor, Jr; Part III. The Informal Economy in Southern California: 6. A study of the informal economy and Latina/o immigrants in Greater Los Angeles Marta Lopez-Garza; 7. Labor behind the front door: domestic workers in urban and suburban households Grace A. Rosales; 8. Doing business: Central American enterprises in Los Angeles Norma Stoltz Chinchilla and Nora Hamilton; Part IV. Changing Political and Social Terrain: 9. Latino Street vendors in Los Angeles: heterogeneous alliances, community-based activism, and the state Clair M. Weber; 10. The politics of social services for a 'model minority': the union of Pan Asian communities Linda Trinh Vo; 11. Community divided: Korean American politics in post-civil unrest Los Angeles Edward J. W. Park; 12. Constructing 'Indianness' in Southern California: the role of Hindu and Muslim Indian immigrants Prema Kurien; 13. A new and dynamic community: the case of Monterey Park, California Timothy P. Fong; 14. The politics of adaptation and the 'good immigrant': Japanese Americans and the new Chinese immigrants Leland T. Saito; Part V. Ethnicity, Race, and Racism: 15. Variation in attitudes toward immigrants measured among Latino, African American, Asian, and Euro-American students Grace A. Rosales, Mona Devich Navarro and Desdemona Cardosa; 16. Racialized metropolis: theorizing Asian American and Latino identities and ethnicities in Southern California ChorSwang Ngin and Rodolfo D. Torres; Part VI. Social Policy: 17. Salvadoran immigrants and refugees: demographic and socioeconomic profiles Claudia Dorrington; 18. Environmental logic and minority communities David R. Diaz; Appendix; Index.


Marta Lopez-Garza is Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and Chicano Studies, and David R. Diaz is Assistant Professor of Urban Studies and Chicano Studies at California State University, Northridge.
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