Anglo-Norman Durham 1093-1193

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November 1998



Impressive... for many readers of these papers their cumulative effect will be very great indeed... Admirable collaborative volume. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY Specialists explore the influence of twelfth-century Durham, in ecclesiastical affairs, Border politics, architecture, art, and religious and literary culture.


Introduction - Durham and the Anglo-Norman world, Donald Matthew. Part 1 The monks and the priory: English cathedral communities and reform in the late 10th and 11th centuries, Julia Barrow; the monastic revival in Yorkshire - Whitby and St Mary's, York, Janet Burton; custodians of St Cuthbert - the Durham Monks' views of their predecessors, 1083-c1200, Meryl Foster; Durham priory and its hermits in the 12th century, Victoria Tudor; the Durham Cantor's book (Durham cathedral libary, MS B.IV.24), Alan Piper; the scribes of the Durham Cantor's book (Durham cathedral libary, MS B.IV.24) and the Durham martyrology scribe, Michael Gullick; the forged charters of William the conqueror and Bishop William of St Calais, David Bates; the "De iniusta uexacione Willelmi episcopi primi" and Canon law in Anglo-Norman Durham, Mark Philpott. Part 2 Church architecture in Anglo-Norman Durham: early Romanesque architecture in north-east England - a style and its patrons, Eric Cambridge; the roles of the patron and the master mason in the first design of the Romanesque cathedral of Durham, Malcolm Thurlby; the west front of Durham cathedral - the beginning of a British tradition, J. Philip Mcaleer; observations on the architecture of the Galilee chapel, S.A. Harrison; the architectural setting of the cult of St Cuthbert in Durham cathedral (1093-1200), John Crook; the Romanesque rood screen of Durham cathedral - context and form, Thomas E. Russo; the architectural influence of Durham cathedral, E.C. Fernie. Part 3 The prince bishops: an absent friend - the career of Bishop William of St Calais, William Aird; the career of Ranulf Flambard, J.O. Prestwich; the kings of Scotland and Durham, G.W.S. Barrow; Malcolm III and the foundation of Durham cathedral, Valerie Wall; Scottish influence on Durham 1066-1214, Paul Dalton; the bishopric of Durham in Stephen's reign, Alan Young; old and new bishoprics - Durham and Carlisle, Henry Summerson; the Durham mint before Boldon book, Martin Allen; Boldon book and the wards between Tyne and Tees, P.D.A. Harvey; the origins and development of Durham castle, Martin Leyland; the place of Durham among Norman episcopal palaces and castles, M.W. Thompson. Part 4 Scholarship and manuscripts: Durham 12th-century manuscripts in Cistercian houses, Bernard Meehan; the artistic influence of Durham manuscripts, Anne Lawrence; the bible of Hugh of le Puiset (Durham cathedral library, MS A.II.1), Dominic Marner; the shape and meaning of the old English poem "Durham", David Howlett.
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