An American Vein: Critical Readings in Appalachian Literature

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März 2005



Many writers from the mountains have found success and acclaim outside the region, but the region itself as a thriving center of literary creativity has not been widely appreciated. The editors of An American Vein have remedied this, producing the first general collection of Appalachian literary criticism. This book is a resource for those who teach and read Appalachian literature. What's more, it holds the promise of introducing new readers, nationally and internationally, to Appalachian literature and its relevance to our times.


Danny L. Miller is chair of the English Department at Northern Kentucky University. He is the author of Wingless Flights: Appalachian Women in Fiction. Sharon Hatfield is a writer and editor. Her book Never Seen the Moon: The Trials of Edith Maxwell is forthcoming. Gurney Norman is a novelist and short story writer who is director of the University of Kentucky creative writing program. His books include the story collection Kinfolks.

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