Amarna Diplomacy: The Beginnings of International Relations

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September 2002



"This is an important volume for any scholar of the ancient Near East." -- Religious Studies Review


Contents: Preface List of Abbreviations Table of Events1. Intruction: The Amarna System RAYMOND COHEN AND RAYMOND WESTBROOKI. The International System2. The Great Power's Club MARIO LIVERANI 3. International Law in the Amarna Age RAYMOND WESTBROOK 4. The Amarna Age: An International Society in the Making RODOLFO RAGIONIERI 5. Realism, Contructivism, and the Amarna Letters STEVEN R. DAVIDII. Foreign Policy6. The Egyptian Perspective on Mittani BETSY M. BRYAN 7. Intelligence in the Amarna Letters RAYMOND COHENIII. Imperial Policy8. Imperial Egypt and the Limits of Power WILLIAM J. MURANE 9. Egypt and Her Vassals: The Geopolitical Dimension ALAN JAMES 10. The Egyptian-Canaanite Correspondence NADAV NA'AMANIV. International Transactions11. The Interdependence of the Great Powers CARLO ZACCAGNINI 12. Reciprocity, Equality, and Status-Anxiety in the Amarna Letters KEVIN AVRUCH 13. Diplomacy and International Marriages SAMUEL A. MEIER 14. A Social-Psychological Analysis of Amarna Diplomacy DANIEL DRUCKMAN AND SERDAR GUNERV. Diplomacy15. Diplomatic Signaling in the Amarna Letters CHRSITER JONSSON 16. The Diplomatic Service in Action: The Mittani File PINHAS ARTZI 17. Amarna Diplomacy: A Full-fledged Diplomatic System? GEOFFREY BERRIDGE 18. Conclusion: The Beginnings of International Relations RAYMOND COHEN AND RAYMOND WESTBROOKNotes Bibliography Contributors Index of Terms and Proper Names Index of Sources General Index


Raymond Cohen is a professor of international relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Raymond Westbrook is a professor of ancient Near Eastern languages and literature at the Johns Hopkins University.


The breadth of the scholarly expertise here is remarkable and certainly sheds new light on an ancient and rather arcane body of texts. -- William G. Dever MESA Bulletin Fascinating reading not only for specialists on the history of the ancient Near East but for all who are interested in the making and working of international politics in general. Archiv orientalni This is an important volume for any scholar of the ancient Near East. Religious Studies Review
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