Alternative Conceptions of Civil Society

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"Most of the essays are first-rate introductions to their respective traditions. The reader cannot fail to expand his or her horizons by reading this book, which is filled with fascinating examples about how different traditions grapple with issues of ethical pluralism."--Daniel Bell, City University of Hong Kong


Acknowledgments vii INTRODUCTION: Alternative Conceptions of Civil Society by Simone Chambers and Will Kymlicka 1 PART I CHAPTER 1: Civil Society as Idea and Ideal by Adam B. Seligman 13 CHAPTER 2: Equality and Civil Society by Michael Walzer 34 CHAPTER 3: Classical Liberalism and Civil Society by Loren E. Lomasky 50 PART II CHAPTER 4: Does Feminism Need a Conception of Civil Society by Anne Phillips 71 CHAPTER 5: A Critical Theory of Civil Society by Simone Chambers 90 PART III CHAPTER 6: Christianity and Civil Society by Michael Banner 113 CHAPTER 7: Natural Law and Civil Society by Michael Pakaluk 131 PART IV CHAPTER 8: The Jewish Tradition and Civil Society by Suzanne Last Stone 151 CHAPTER 9: Alternative Conceptions of Civil Society: A Reflective Islamic Approach by Hanson Hanafi 171 CHAPTER 10: Confucian Conceptions of Civil Society by Richard Madsen 190 PART V CHAPTER 11: Conclusion: Are Civil Societies the Transmission Belts of Ethical Tradition? by Michael A. Mosher 207 Contributors 231 Index 233


Simone Chambers is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is the author of Reasonable Democracy. Jurgen Habermas and the Politics of Discourse, which won the American Political Science Association's Best First Book Award in Political Theory. Will Kymlicka is Queen's National Scholar in the Department of Philosophy at Queen's University, Ontario. His books include, among others, Liberalism, Community, and Culture, Multicultural Citizenship, and Politics in the Vernacular.


Scholars concerned with these questions will benefit enormously from this highly recommended collection. It is unique among the many books on the topic of civil society and it deserves a wide, appreciative readership.
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