AIDS: Crisis in Professional Ethics

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April 1994



Examines the difficult moral choices the AIDS pandemic has presented for many professionals physicians, nurses, dentists, teachers and school administrators, business managers, psychotherapists, lawyers, clergy, journalists, and politicians. This book also explores the moral, legal, and ethical issues involved in the reconsideration of policies.


Introduction 1. AIDS: Moral Dilemmas for Physicians Albert Flores 2. Nursing and AIDS: Some Special Challenges Joan C. Callahan and Jill Powell 3. The Dentist's Obligation to Treat Patients with HIV: A Patient's Perspective Michael Davis 4. HIV and the Professional Responsibility of the Early Childhood Educator Kenneth Kipnis 5. AIDS in the Workplace: Options and Responsibilities Al Gini and Michael Davis 6. Leading by Example: AIDS Policy and the University's Social Responsibility Howard Cohen 7. What Would a Virtuous Counselor Do? Ethical Problems in Counseling Clients with HIV Elliot D. Cohen 8. The Attorney, the Client with HIV, and the Duty to Warn Martin Gunderson 9. AIDS: A Transformative Challenge for Clergy Joseph A. Edelheit 10. Journalistic Responsibilities and AIDS Michael Pritchard 11. AIDS and a Politician's Right to Privacy Vincent J. Samar A Bibliography on AIDS and Professional Ethics Sohair ElBaz and William Pardue About the Contributors Index


Elliot D. Cohen is Professor of Philosophy at Indian River Community College and Editor-in-Chief of the "International Journal of Applied Philosophy."


"[S]tudents and professionals, [as well as] the general reader will find much food for thought." --Publishers Weekly
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