Aggression and War: Their Biological and Social Bases

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Dezember 1989



Derived from a meeting of natural and social scientists, this interdisciplinary book aims to summarize the main issues regarding the problem of human aggression, as well as human beliefs about the subject. This study brings together internationally known authorities and presents their recent contributions which range in complexity from the physiological to individual aggression, group conflict and international war. The study concludes with a multi-level approach to the problems of aggression and war. In nontechnical language suitable for general science readers, the book provides a valuable framework for the development of ideas and new attitudes in a field rife with misconceptions.


List of contributors; Preface; The Seville statement on violence; Part I. Aggression: The Reality and the Myth: 1. The problem of aggression R. A. Hinde and J. Groebel; 2. Beliefs about human aggression J. H. Goldstein; Part II. Biological Mechanisms in the Individual: 3. Animals fight, but do not make war F. A. Huntingford; 4. Is aggression instinctive? P. Bateson; 5. The genetic bases of aggression A. Manning; 6. The physiology of aggression J. Herbert; Part III. Individual Aggression and Prosocial Alternatives; 7. The bases and development of individual aggression S. Feshbach; 8. Situational influences on aggression L. Berkowitz; 9. Empathy training and prosocial behaviour N. D. Feshbach; 10. Aggression reduction: some vital steps A. P. Goldstein; Part IV. Communication and Group Processes: 11. Group processes as stimulants of aggression J. M. Rabbie; 12. The myth of racism S. Genoves; 13. Media and the social environment K. Lagerspetz; 14. Cultural factors, biology and human aggression M. H. Segall; Part V. The Micro Level: Societies and Nations: 15. Causes of war J. M. Winter; 16. The political origins of international war: a multifactorial review J. D. Singer; Part VI. Conclusion: 17. A multi-level approach to the problems of aggression and war J. Groebel and R. A. Hinde; Name Index; Subject Index.


"...makes a powerful case that anyone with a concern for the future of the world should take seriously. It faces up to the complexity of the problems confronting the containment of human aggression and the eradication of international war, but it argues that we have it in our power to grapple with them if only we can find the resolve to try." BioScience "This volume may not bear directly on clinical practice, but it will inform and stimulate the eclectic clinician." Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
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