Aggression and Violence: An Introductory Text

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"To gain confidence and knowledge for dealing effectively with aggressive or violent behavior, turn to this authoritative new resource. Here you see what makes up the violent or aggressive personality ... you learn to deal effectively with specific forms of aggression and violence through a better understanding of the disorder and the offender ... and you explore special concerns such as the impact of alcohol on violence and aggression." The chapters are authored by individuals with expertise in the areas they present and with their help you see how to understand the major theoretical perspectives on aggression and violence, and the neuropsychological factors involved; deal effectively with specific forms of aggression and violence: Child Abuse, Child Sexual Molestation, Incest, Partner Abuse, Elder Abuse, Sexual Assault, Paraphilias, Homicide, Serial Murder and Sexual Homicide; get up-to-speed on special topics that are most timely in light of the significant and growing social concern for these areas: alcohol and drugs; and predict future violent behavior. Also included: An introduction to the general trends of violence and aggression emphasizes violent crime in the U.S. and shows you clearly what's going on today. A presentation of well-established social psychological principles, plus a psychological perspective gives you a solid understanding of violent and aggressive behavior to help you deal with it's symptoms more successfully. Strategies for assessment and intervention help you deal successfully with all types of violent or aggressive situations. A special chapter on the impact of alcohol and drugs on interpersonal violence helps you understand why alcohol and drugs mayfacilitate violence. A special chapter provides you with helpful insights for predicting future violence." For any practicing clinician.


I.INTRODUCTION AND THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES. 1.Alisa B. Wilcox, Vincent B. Van Hasselt, and Michel Hersen, Introduction. 2.Richard B. Felson, A Social Psychological Approach to Interpersonal Aggression. 3.Leonard D. Eron, A Psychological Perspective. 4.Charles J. Golden, Michele L. Jackson, Angela Peterson-Rohne, and Samuel T. Gontkovsky, Neuropsychological Factors in Violence and Aggression. II.SPECIFIC FORMS OF AGGRESSION AND VIOLENCE. 5.John R. Lutzker, Child Abuse. 6.William L. Marshall and Liam E. Marshall, Child Sexual Molestation. 7.Kathryn Kuehnle, Martha Coulter, and Michael Gamache, Incest. 8.Shari Feldbau-Kohn, Julie A. Schumacher, and K. Daniel O'Leary, Partner Abuse. 9.Rosalie S. Wolf, Elder Abuse. 10.Barry M. Maletzky, Sexual Assault. 11.Michael C. Seto and Howard E. Barbaree, Paraphilias. 12.Marc Riedel, Homicide. 13.Wade C. Myers, Ann W. Burgess, Allen G. Burgess, and John E. Douglas, Serial Murder and Sexual Homicide. III.SPECIAL TOPICS. 14.Brian M. Quigley and Kenneth E. Leonard, Alcohol, Drugs, and Violence. 15.Charles Scott and Philip Resnick, The Prediction of Violence. Author Index. Subject Index.
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