Advanced Research Methods in the Built Environment

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This book discusses the common topics raised by postgraduate researchers and offers a wealth of clear insights from a unique collection of seasoned and respected researchers.


Contents . Foreword . Preface . Contributor List . 1 Methodological pluralism in construction management . Andrew Dainty. 2 Architectural research . Alan Penn. 3 Legal research . Paul Chynoweth. 4 Feminist research . Pat Morton and Sara Wilkinson. 5 Approaches to economic analysis and modelling . Les Ruddock. 6 Epistemology . Andrew Knight and Neil Turnbull. 7 Scientific theories . Goran Runeson and Martin Skitmore. 8 Grounded theory . Kirsty Hunter and John Kelly. 9 Case study research . David Proverbs and Rod Gameson. 10 Interviews: a negotiated partnership . Richard Haigh. 11 Questionnaire design and factor analysis . Mike Hoxley. 12 Using software to analyse qualitative data . Andrew King. 13 Getting started in quantitative analysis . Chris Leishman. 14 Artificial neural network modelling techniques for applied civil and construction engineering research . Hamlin Boussabaine and Richard Kirkham. 15 Social Network Analysis . Stephen Pryke. 16 Managing the thesis . Alan Griffith and Paul Watson. 17 Getting your research published in refereed journals . Will Hughes. 18 Researcher attitudes and motivation . David Boyd. 19 Built environment futures research: the need for foresight and scenario learning . John Ratcliffe


Dr Andrew Knight, Principal Lecturer, School of Architecture, Design & Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University Professor Les Ruddock, Associate Dean of Research, Faculty of Business, Law & the Built Environment, and Professor of Construction & Property Economics, University of Salford


"[The book] will be of unquestionable interest, use and value to researchers undertaking al types and levels of research across the built environment spectrum ... It will prove to be a valuable edition to the body of knowledge supporting research practice within the built environment ... Highly recommended." ( Building Engineer , February 2009)
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