Adult Learners, Education and Training: A Reader

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In recent years, economic and demographic changes have brought into question the adequacy of initial education programs for continuous employment. While the primary focus of debate has been on creating structures for continuing education and training linked to the economic needs of society, arguments and movements have also been made for wider access to all forms of learning.

Drawing on the experiences of numerous educational systems, "Adult Learners, Education and Training" addresses the major themes of the ongoing debates: who participates in what forms of education and training and how access can increased and widened; the relationship between economic development, education and training; the education and training developed by social movements; and the changes sought in the formal sector of provision.


1. Introduction Richard Edwards, Sandy Sieminski and David Zeldin Part One: Participation, Non-Participation and Access 2. Participation and Non-Participation: A Review of the Literature Veronica McGivney 3. Self-Planned Learning and Major Personal Change Allen Tough 4. Adult Education Policy in Sweden 1969-1991 Kjell Rubenson 5. Access, not Access Courses: Maintaining a Broad Vision Malcolm Tight 6. Adult Literacy and Basic Education in Europe and North America: From Recognition to Provision Leslie Limage Part Two: The Economy, Education and Training 7. Missing: Presumed Skilled - Training Policy in the UK Ewart Keep 8. Vocational Training and New Production Christel Lane 9. Skills Mismatch and Policy Response Graham Haughton 10. The Changing Role of the in-Company Trainer: An Analysis of British Trainers in the European Community Context Karen Evans et al 11. From New Vocationalism to the Culture of Enterprise B. Coles and R. MacDonald 12. The Inevitable Future?: Post-Fordism in Work and Learning Richard Edwards Part Three: Social Movements and Change in Education and Training 13. Community Education: Towards a Theoretical Analysis Ian Martin 14. Adult Education and Community Action Tom Lovett 15. Dangerous Knowledge: Canadian Workers' Education in the Decades of Discord Michael Welton 16. Popular Education for Women: A Study of Four Organisations Rosemary Deem 17. Drinking from One Pot: Yemini Unity, at Home and Overseas Chris Searle and Abdulgalil Shaif 18. Adult Education, Community Development and Older People Christopher Pilley
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